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History of the Can






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The history of the can is a long and interesting one, starting from Napoleon Boneparte, Peter Durand and others all the way back in the 18th century.

Although the technology has been around for so long, recent trends and increase in prices have resulted in quite a few innovations in the last few years.


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Past Events

  • CANNEX 2013 - Atlanta 
  • Metpack 2011 - Germany 
  • MWFPA 2008 - Madison
  • Metpack 2008 - Germany
  • CLFP 2008 - Sacramento
  • MWFPA 2007 - Milwaukee
  • Cannex 2007 - Las Vegas
  • Metpack 2005 - Germany
  • Japanpack 2005 - Tokio
  • Cannex 2004 - Denver

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     The SEAM360 for Food Cans is quickly becoming the go to solution for food canners that want to reduce the amount of destructive seam tests while maintaining quality and FDA compliance.
    SEAM360 measurement screen

    The SEAM360 provides a fast, non-destructive, accurate and inexpensive solution to traditional seam checks. Plants can reduce FDA required destructive tests by up to 50% while saving valuable resources and reducing scrap. Click on the meaurement screenshot above to learn more about the SEAM360 for food cans.
    Looking for a great double seam scope? Our SEAMetal HD systems have the best GR&R in the industry & ensure that your cans are airtight, vacuum sealed and hermetically sealed.