SEAMetal MSD: double Seam inspection, Food Cans

Semi-automatic double seam analysis for food cans

NEW SEAMETAL 6.0 version for Windows 10

In many situations, cost is a big consideration when deciding what type of double seam analysis tool a company should get. In situations where the speed of the measurement is less important, Quality By Vision offers the SEAMetal MSD system.

SEAMetal Manual-SD software is a manual version of our acclaimed SEAMetal SD software. This version offers the best “bang” for your buck by providing the operator with the same features and capabilities, but without the automatic detection features found on SEAMetal HD and SEAMetal SD.

Using the same twin blade saw, optical unit and software – the operator can inspect the same cans as the fully-automatic SEAMetal.

The measurement procedure requires that the operator manually place the lines in position. The operator can still make changes to the lines.

The results is an efficient use of both time and budget for smaller operators, that can spend more time on each measurement.

The SEAMetal double seam inspection system allows the operator to perform quick evaluation of how airtight and secured the double seam encloser is.

The software can be bundled with our external gauges (this is not mandatory). Placing the can within the optical unit takes a split second due to our centering device. The double seam centering device provides the operators with a quick and fool-proof way in which to place the can in the optical unit without requiring focus, adjustments or other time consuming activities.

SEAMetal provides the best GR&R rating in the industry – using an automatic saw, our unique centering device, and automatic double seam detection – the same measurements will be taken regardless of the operator performing the measurement!

SEAMetal 9000M utilizes the latest technologies in both optics and computer science. SEAMetal runs under WindowsTMoperating systems, allowing the operator to run additional tasks such as word processing and spread sheets as needed. SEAMetal can also be integrated into an existing networks for remote printing, backup and remote access to reports.

Our special low cost food saw, designed to be bundled with the SEAMetal 9000M system is a low cost complement to this product.

the equipment is easy to maintain and softwqare support and maintainance is simple.

Double seam measurements and reports can be exported into all popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet formats. Pictures can be saved in bitmap format, to be used with any word processor, email or any other program.

Even triple seams (for Drums, General Line and hazardous materials) have a special saws and dedicated optical units to analyze them



  • Optical unit: Food or beverage (SD)
  • Resolution: typically 8-10 microns