SEAMetal SD: Aerosol Cans

Aerosol double seam inspection - Standard Definition (low resolution)

for Windows 10

The SEAMetal SD Aerosol is a double seam inspection system for aerosol cans. This is a destructive system, which requires cutting a section of the can in order to ensure that the double seam is hermetically sealed and will not leak. This test can be done once or twice a shift, and utilizing statistical analysis and trends, operators can determine if there are problems which many need correcting or further investigation.

A recent trend has led aerosol companies to the false assumption that they would have to increase their double seam evaluation frequencies. However, if you evaluate every can that will not help you produce even one can better – you will just have to stop the line more frequently…

This version of SEAMetal is easy to learn and the most user-friendly in the industry!

New version 6.0 offers SEAM doctor, which helps you in determining the root cause of the issues you are seeing and assists you in fixing them!

So, high accuracy, high resolution, fast and repeatable double seam evaluation systems are now needed more than ever.

SEAMetal SD is the third generation of double seam test equipment from Quality By Vision. The company has never stopped improving and developing this system since 1993, when it produced the world’s first computerized fully automatic double seam test system: SEAMetal 9000X.

This latest system introduces an integrated High Definition camera, providing an unprecedented look at the aerosols can’s double seam. You can now see the image better and get a much more accurate measurement!

The software runs under WindowsTM operating systems (including Windows 7 and Windows 10!).

The software is touch friendly, you can zoom, pan, move lines with a simple gesture. The software will let you customize reports, including attaching SPC graphs and seam images to your reports. Everything you need is in one simple package!

In third party customer GR&R testing, this system was found to have “world class” GR&R ratings!

measurement - inch




  • Frame width: Customizable
  • Interface: USB
  • Table: Adaptor for each can diameter
  • Optical units: Call for details


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