ARL-200: Axial Load and Radial Load / Implosion Combination Tester

Quality by Vision’s new ARL-200 is a combination tester for the safe and accurate testing of axial load and radial load (implosion / paneling) for 3-piece cans.

Axial Load Testing:

The easy to use Axial Load Tester measures the maximum axial load capacity of food cans of multiple heights and diameters without the need for inserts or adapters. To perform this test, one can is placed on a table and slowly raised against the upper-pressure plate. Once the maximum force has been reached, the axial load value is recorded, optionally sent to a computer database, and can be read on the display.

Radial Load Panel (Implosion) Testing:

The operator-independent Radial Load Tester is started with the touch of a button. The pressurized chamber is held securely closed while pressure is increased. The maximum pressure at which the container panel fails (implosion) is displayed on the touch-screen. Results can then be printed or transferred directly into a data acquisition software.


The user may easily switch between both test types at the touch of a button. All measured values may be stored, deleted, printed, or transferred into a data acquisition software. An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent, eliminating any potential downtime due to computer-related issues.



  • Size: Standard: up to 603 (ø153 mm); height 11 in (280mm)
  • Resolution: Pressure: 0,01bar (0,15psi); Force: 1,0 N
  • Operating parameters: Pressure: max.3bar (43,5psi); Force: 10.000 N
  • Pressure: 0,1bar (1,45psi)
  • Repeatability: Force: 1N
  • Electric Power Required: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: < 100W
  • Air Pressure Required: min. 5bar (72,5psi)
  • Output Interface: RS 232 (300…38400 Baud configurable),USB 2.0
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 24 in (607 mm) x 28 in (708 mm) x 35 in (887 mm)
  • Net Weight: 154.32 lbs. (70,5 kg)


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