BEO-100: Pressure, Easy Open Ends

Buckle Tester for Easy Open Ends

Quality By Vision’s BEO-100 – Buckle Tester for Easy Open Ends is an automatic, safe and easy to use pressure tester for easy open end manufacturers. The system includes a computer with software that automatically detects the buckle and burst (pop) points for a seamed or loose end and displays the end’s pressure perfomance at each stage of the test on a graph. The deformation is also recorded with a video camera so the operator can analyze the process and troubleshoot quality issues. The hardware consists of a robust pressure chamber with  a protective door and multiple safety features.

The operator positions an end inside the pressure chamber and locks it in. As soon as the safety door is locked, the operator presses the Start button to begin the measurement. Controlled air pressure is provided from the bottom and the pressure is gradually increased until the end buckles and then pops open. A non-contact gauge is used to measure the deformation of the end and a video camera records the buckle and burst process and can display each stage.

During the Measurement, the software displays:

  1. A Graph of the air pressure inside the can/end
  2. A Graph of the end deformation
  3. Live video of the end (can be rewinded and analyzed after the test)

At the end of the measurement, the software automatically detects and displays the buckle and busrt points on the graphs.

As a verification to the automatic detection, the operator can replay, rewind and fast-forward through the measurement process and see an image of what the can looked like at that point in time. This allows operators, for the first time, to actually watch the buckle and burst process in slow motion, to see how the end reacted to the pressure!

Operators can now see for the first time, the initial small deformations as they occur at the beginning of the pressurization.

The graphs and the reports are saved and can be displayed at any stage after the test. The software also includes a robust SPC system to display trends, histograms and capability statistics.




  • Pressure Range 15-60 PSI 1-4 Bar)
  • Measurement Resolution 0.1 PSI (0.006 Bar)
  • Air Pressure Required 90 PSI (6 Bar) with 25 Gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Cycle Time up to 60 Seconds (programmable)


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