LDDS-200: 100% Lacquer Inspection for Sheets and Blanks

100% Online Lacquer inspection for sheets and blanks - drops, splatter, missing lacquer, margin width, skew

LDDS-200 is able to scan and analyze a complete lacquered sheet (at the coating line) or blanks (before welding), including the lacquered area and margins, using high resolution vision inspection.

The system is able to detect:

  • Contamination in the margins – preventing weld issues
  • Lacquer splatter
  • Margin width issues (too much or not enough lacquer applied)
  • Misalignment – skewness of the sheet or blank
  • Scratches or missing lacquer in the lacquered areas
  • Misapplication of lacquer

The system is able to inspect up to 7000 sheets/hour, eject the bad ones or detect trends in order to alert operators or stop the line.

The system uses the latest in area scan cameras in order to capture and process the data in real time and in extremely high resolution (100 microns).

By continuously monitoring the margin positions and width (coating registration) automatically, the LDDS-200 saves the plant from having to remove sheets for measuring the margins, saving even more valuable resources. The measurement is done on every sheet, in real time!

The system can be installed:

  • On the coating line (before the oven)
  • Above the line (using retractable crane)
  • Below the line (using retractable shelf)
  • Before the welder (for blank inspection)




  • Number of margins Up to 8
  • Interface Touchscreen (optional)
  • Connections Sheet rejection system and / or sheet feed stop
  • Types of lacquers Gold, White and Clear
  • Types of defects Off-register, margin width, skewed sheet, droplets and other defects
  • Maximum line speed 7000 sheets/hour
  • Changeover time 5 minutes


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