OSI-100 Optical Sheet Inspection System

The OSI-100 Optical Sheet Inspection System was designed from the ground up for sheet manufacturers. The system consists of both a “standard” defect detection and classification system as well as optical distortion measurement, all in one package using one clear user interface.

The OSI-100 utilizs a specially designed illumination system that allows detection of both dark and clear defects with unparalleled sensitivity. While dark defects are detected using standard bright field illumination, clear defect are detected using dark field illumination.

The distortion measurement gives an overall indication of the sheet distortion and detects distortion irregularities and the shallowest optical defects.

The system optimizes the cross cutting saw and automatically and efficiently removes disqualified sheet sections with minimum scrap, instead of disqualifying full size sheets.

A simple to operate yet sophisticated, field proven user interface answers the different needs of the line operator, line manager, quality assurance department and plant engineering.

A number of options based on the OSI-100 are available:

  • The simpler OSI-10 system without the distortion measurement. Delivers lower cost solution for general purpose sheets.
  • The OSI-20 – specially designed for the inspection of opaque solid or foamed sheets, enabling one or two sides inspection and surface texture analysis, crucial for printing media materials.
  • The OSI-30 hollow sheets inspection system – designed for closely viewed high quality multiwall products, and enables detecting of contaminations and skin ripples. If you manufacure multiwall sheets, you may also be interested in our PMA-100 thickness inspection system.




  • Inspection Width: Customizable, per line specifications
  • Resolution: 0.002" or better for high optic sheets
  • Line Speed: Up to 36'/min depending on resolution and line width
  • Distortion Range: +/- 400 milidiopter or better
  • Illumination Types: Bright and Dark Field


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