Polysee 9000

Multilayer Plastics Analyzer

The Polysee 9000 system was designed for multi-layered plastic manufacturers and users. This includes tube manufacturers, co-extrusion tube manufacturers, polycarbonate manufacturers, laminated film manufacturers, and anti-static bag manufacturers. Additional, multi-layered plastic manufacturers or consumers can send Quality By Vision samples in order to verify that Polysee will work with their products.
By providing tight control over the thickness of each layer, the amount of expensive material used in the manufacturing process can be reduced dramatically. The Polysee system allows the manufacturer to use a minimal amount of material while staying within the boundaries of their production standards. This allows the manufacturing process to produce quality production while only utilizing a minimum of expensive materials.

Polysee can be integrated into most quality control labs with existing Microscopes. A video camera is added to the Microscope, allowing the measurement process to take place on a Windows XP/7TM based computer system. Each layer can be inspected and measured individually (e.g., when not all of the layers can be viewed optimally using the same lens) or measured at the same time. Measurements can also take place at an angle.

Quality By Vision also provides an automated video microscope attachment. This optical unit provides both reflective and refractive light for both opaque and semi-translucent layer support. Additional light attachments (e.g., for ultraviolet light) can be added upon request. The optical unit provides a software controlled zoom control making the measurement process both easy and quick. Since the user is not limited to a small number of lens (e.g., 5 lens for the typical microscope), optimal accuracy can be exercised without compromising the speed in which measurements can take place.

NAMAS certified calibration gauges can be added to the system for full ISO 9000 compliance.

Measurements and reports can be exported into any popular file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel and even Internet format.


  • Sample thicknesses 1.18 MIL to 39.3 MIL
  • Magnification: variable x150 to x750
  • Resolution: x150: 0.079 MIL | x750: 0.023 MIL
  • Light source: Reflective, Refractive, UV. Light intensity controlled manually.


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