Polysee HD

High-definition Plastic Sheet Analyzer

The Polysee HD system is designed for plastic sheet manufacturers with the most demanding accuracy requirements. This new system contains all the advantages of the Polysee 9000 but introduces several new ones, most notably the super resolution optics that allow for high accuracy measurements of the UV protective layer on co-extruded sheets.

The Polysee HD uses a completely redesigned optical unit with several magnifications and illumination options. These options allow more accurate inspection of the sheet layers and zoom in on the entire sheet cross section or on any one of the co-extruded layers.

The system uses the same Polysee software that allows it to be installed on Windows XP/7TM based computer systems. In addition to the measurement data and reports, the operator can save sample images under different lighting conditions. At the end of the measurement, the Polysee 9000 software displays a graph of the layer distribution across the sheet, helping the operators set the line machinery and manufacture higher quality sheets while saving valuable UV material.

Upgrade options are available for existing Polysee 9000 customers.



  • Sample thicknesses 1.18 MIL to 39.3 MIL
  • Magnification: variable x150 to x750
  • Resolution: x5 objective: 0.00004" (40 millionths)
    x10 objective: 0.00002" (20 millionths), additional objectives available
  • Light source: Reflective, Refractive, UV enhanced Light intensity controlled manually


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