SEAMetal LT: Double Seam Inspection for Beer Cans

Double Seam Inspection for Craft Brewers and Mobile Canners

NEW! SEAMetal LT 6.0
for Windows 10

SEAMetal LT for Craft Brewers and Mobile Canners is based on SEAMetal, the most widely used, repeatable and accurate double seam measurement system in the world. According to third party customer testing, this double seam scope is rated as “world class GR&R”. Utilizing a new and highly accurate optical technology, coupled with easy to learn and intelligent software – the SEAMetal LT system offers the most flexible solution for double seam testing for craft brewers.

New version 6.0 offers SEAM doctor, which helps you in determining the root cause of the issues you are seeing and assists you in fixing them!

The double seam inspection software is both quick and powerful, able to automatically capture and analyze the double seam with unprecedented resolution and accuracy. If problems are detected (out of spec measurements), the software alerts the operator and suggests possible solutions.

Quality By Vision has played an integral part in the Craft brew revolution, helping brewers, mobile canners and filling / seaming equipment manufacturers accurately evaluate the seam quality and set up their equipment. Cans and ends today are thinner than ever before and the margin for error is razor-thin. The difference between fresh beer and flat beer can be a few thousandths. This is why a high accuracy, high repeatability, fast and accurate double seam checking systems are now needed more than ever. This version of the SEAMetal seam scope is easy to learn and the most user-friendly in the industry!

The seam scope software is supported under all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows (including Windows 7 and Windows 10!).

Checking your double seam has never been easier or more accurate!




  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Resolution: 0.0005" (One half-thousandth) / 10 microns
  • Interface : USB


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