SEAMetal SD: Double Seam scope, Beverage Cans

Automatic evaluation of double seams for beverage cans

for Windows 10

Double seam scopes have advanced dramatically during the last decade. Quality By Vision is proud to introduce the SEAMetal SD – standard definition double seam inspection system for beverage cans.

Offering the same capabilities as the industry-leading SEAMetal HD double seam evaluation and measurement system, but utilizing standard definition video, the software is able to meet todays most rigid beverage can filler requirements for double seam quality control, at a lower cost than ever before!

The price and features package make the SEAMetal SD perfect for smaller beverage plants and craft brewers.

Beverage companies are under pressure to downgauge (reduce lid diameter), reduce material thickness and increase production speed. This means that there are now more seaming problems than ever before!

This version of SEAMetal is easy to learn and the most user-friendly yet. SEAMetal SD is a low cost, high quality, repeatable and flexible solution for double seam evaluation.

New version 6.0 offers SEAM doctor, which helps you in determining the root cause of the issues you are seeing and assists you in fixing them!

SEAMetal SD is the third generation of double seam scanner by Quality By Vision. The company has never stopped improving and developing this system since 1993, when it produced the world’s first computerized fully automatic double seam scanning system: SEAMetal 9000X.

This version offers features like ExcelTM integration, zoom in, resizeable windows, new SPC system, new report system. You can now see the image better and get a much more accurate scan measurement! The software runs under WindowsTMoperating systems (including Windows 7).

In third party customer GR&R testing, this system was found to have “world class” GR&R ratings!

measurement - inch




  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Resolution (SD): 0.0005" (0.01mm) or better
  • Interface : USB2
  • Centering device: Variable (depending on can type)
  • Optical units: Call for details


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